4 reasons why you could get used to a master-planned community lifestyle


Master-planned communities come with lifestyle of their own. If you’re considering moving into a community like Harmony, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are four reasons why you could get used to a master-planned community lifestyle. 

A unique community experience

Arguably, the biggest benefit of living in a master-planned community is the experience of getting to know your neighbors and individuals that live in your community. Whether that’s through a yard sale, PTA meetings at the community school, or at one of the many monthly community events, it’s encouraged to make connections in your community. There’s always something to do in a master-planned community, and the beauty of it is that you’re in charge of what activities you want to participate in!

The perks

Buying a home in a normal subdivision, you’re faced with a lot more questions than you would be in a master-planned community. Why is that? You have to factor in the perks you’re missing out on. If you find a home that has a state-of-the-art gym, a golf course built on 276 acres of natural preserved land, two pristine lakes with free canoe and kayak rentals, 12.5 miles of walking trails, two dog parks, and two A-rated community schools within walking distance of your home, let us know! At Harmony, all of our residents have access to theses amenities and perks!

Choices, choices, choices 

Choosing a home that's right for you isn’t any easy task. With a wide selection of builders in a master-planned community, you’re sure to find your dream home that also fits within your budget.  A master-planned community isn’t just for families either. This kind of community is perfect for everyone, whether you’re looking for a townhome, a single-family home, or a retirement home within an active adult community, Harmony covers all the grounds.  

Go green

Many master-planned communities like Harmony are very environmentally conscious. When you live in a community like this, you are part of something bigger. We are part of an effort to leave this land better than we found it. How are we doing this? All our homes are built using eco-friendly standards, and we make sure to leave some green space! Harmony encompasses 11,000 acres, of which 70% will remain lakes, conservation areas, and green space.

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