Help us welcome Harmony’s newest builder, Meritage Homes

  We are excited to announce the newest home builder in Harmony, Meritage Homes. Meritage has recently broken ground on the first homes in our Waterside neighborhood. Each and every home built in our master-planned community is made with eco-friendly construction standards, including Meritage's homes. Harmony is one of the largest “green” communities in Florida, and our builders are a significant contributor to our ability to maintain that title. Let's get to know Meritage and why their homes are continuing to make Harmony one of the best master-planned communities in Central Florida... Since 1985, Meritage has built over 100,000 homes in beautiful communities all over the US. Meritage’s new, beautifully designed, energy-efficient homes help homeowners save money in the long run. Meritage boast that homeowners can see a 50% increase in savings on utility bills, due to their energy-efficient standards. Creating homes that work for the homeowner and the enviroment is key to Meritage's success. They were the first national top 10 home builder to have every home they built 100% ENERGY STAR certified.  Meritage strives to keep their customers in mind during the building process: We build them for real people: People with families and those without; people with everyday, busy lives, and those who are now enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle. But more than anything, we build energy-efficient homes and communities for people who appreciate a home being built the way it can, and should, be built. Want to learn more about Meritage? Come take a home tour of Harmony, and keep an eye out for their model home opening this spring! Neighborhoods of Harmony eBook