See if you can find these migrant birds in Harmony this winter

Pine Needle Trail.jpg

Ask any Harmony resident what their favorite part of the community is and chances are they’ll mention Harmony’s proximity to nature. Whether residents are taking advantage of our two protected lakes, or 12.5 miles of hiking trails, getting outside and connecting with nature is always possible when you have preserved, protected lands in your backyard.Harmony has resident-run committees that connect residents with similar interests. One of Harmony’s committees, The Conservation Cafe, engages and informs residents about Harmony’s founding values, and conservation issues in general. For the 13th year in a row, The Conservation Cafe had its Harmony Christmas Bird Count this December. This event was a fun observation of Harmony's winged citizens. A guided walk showed parts of Harmony residents may have never explored and displayed wildlife outside the ordinary. While having fun, residents also contributed to an ongoing citizen-sourced database that tracks bird populations over time.

So why the winter bird count? One of the reasons is that Florida is migratory location for birds. Migrant birds can travel thousands of miles over rough climates to stay in Florida for few short day or weeks before flying on. Some even rest for less than a day to feed and gain energy for the remainder of their journey south.  

We asked The Conservation Cafe president, Dr. Kerul Kassel, what birds can be seen in Harmony (and the surrounding areas) during this time special time of year. She shared that over 30 kind of birds that can be spotted! If you’re up for the challenge, download our bird count sheet below and see if you can spot any birds in your area! 


If you're intersted in our master-planned community, come check out our amenities (like our nature trails) in person! Schedule a home tour at the link below. 

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