The benefits of living in a walkable community like Harmony

Sidewalks don’t automatically make a community walkable.

Walkability is about much more than being pedestrian-friendly. Encouraging people to walk requires thoughtful design and a holistic approach to development and lifestyle. Residents need to have places to go, a desire to go outside, and yes, sidewalks.

walkable community of Harmony

There are benefits of living in a walkable community, some of which include:

  • Being more climate-friendly. Lessen the time you spend in your car and you lessen your contribution to global warming. When you can walk to your local town market, rather than drive, you're reducing the amount of pollution being emited into our air.

  • Increasing safety. Logistically speaking, less time in cars means less chances of causing an accident. Furthermore, a walkable community means that there is natural surveillance taking place. People out walking are watching. And anyone up to no good will certainly not appreciate the eyes of yourself or your neighbors upon them. 

  • Adding years to your life. Did you know, for every minute you spend walking, you are adding three minutes to your life? That means, if you walk an average of 30 minutes a day, five days a week, you've essentially added almost a year and half to your life. 

In Harmony, we’ve got the perfect recipe for a walkable community. The town is physically defined by distinct residential neighborhoods, two A-rated public schools, a Johnny Miller signature golf course, and Town Square, which includes a variety of restaurants, shops, and other retail businesses.

The neighborhoods are interconnected by sidewalks linking them to Town Square, the boardwalk at Buck Lake, and Harmony Community School. An underpass running below U.S. Highway 192 connects to Harmony High School just across the street. It’s a busy thoroughfare for students before and after school and a fun walk to for residents young and old. Parks, two dog runs (one with a puppy shower station!), and recreation areas also abound within the residential core of Harmony.

Living in a walkable community

What’s more, the entire community is surrounded by pristine Florida wetlands, upland prairie, and pine forests, as well as Buck Lake and Cat Lake. Even at build-out in a few years, 70 percent of Harmony’s 11,000 acres will remain conservation land forever. This vast green space provides more than 12 miles of natural trails for residents who like to walk, jog, hike, or just wander in the great outdoors. The different trails wind around the lakes and through acres and acres of undeveloped land.  

No need to drive once you arrive in Harmony. Shopping, dining, golfing, and more are just a walk away. (Think saunter or stroll if you want to really relax.). A variety of community events, social activities, and other functions are held in the heart of Harmony nearly every day of the week.

Walkable communities are more healthy, more sustainable, and safer than traditional suburban developments, with higher property values and more commercial business success.

You’ll see all the walkin’ in action as soon as you arrive in Harmony. Some folks will be on bikes or skates, in wheelchairs, or maybe behind the wheel of a golf cart. But by now you get the point. Walk from one end of town to the other in 30 minutes or less, explore Cat Lake, or meander around Town Square and experience what walkability is all about in Harmony.

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