Why Florida is the perfect state to spend your retirement


Retirement and Florida are two words that seem to be made for each other. Whether you’re just now planning for retirement or it’s a distant goal, where you want to retire should have some considerable thought behind it. Florida has always been an incredibly popular place to retire, and we can see why! We’re exploring four benefits of retiring in Florida if you are from out of state.

  Uncle Sam is on your side In Florida, there is no state income tax, no inheritance tax and no estate tax. This is a big selling point for future residents of Florida – especially when you have a strict budget and fixed income. Why live in a state that is going to tax you when you don’t have to? Perfect weather year-round We're kind of lucky in Florida – the average annual high temperature is 81 degrees, while the average annual low temperature remains a comfortable 60 degrees. There’s plenty of time for you to enjoy all of Florida’s natural wonders... Can you say beaches? The summer months can seem kind of hot if you are from up north, but we get used to the heat just like you get used to snow! The best part about Florida summers is the opportunity to cool down with a dip in the ocean or pool in your backyard. Lower cost of living Compared to other states, Florida’s cost of living is significantly lower. Of course, this is dependent on where you choose to call home in Florida. But, overall, there is cost reduction on just about everything – housing, food, etc. This price difference could make a real difference to your monthly budget. According to realtor.com, if you want to buy a home in Florida, the average sale price is $200,000. Compared to a similar state like California, the cost of living is significantly more expensive. The median home value in California is $493,800. Vacation destination Your friends and family will love to visit you in the Sunshine State, especially during the colder months. Keeping grandkids entertained (and happy) is challenging. Luckily in Florida, we have Disney, SeaWorld, Universal and many other premier destinations are that are only a 45-minute drive from Harmony, Florida. Don’t worry, the natural beauties of Florida – like our Atlantic beaches – can compete with the mouse, too! If you’re looking for the right active adult community for you, see why Harmony’s active adult community at The Lakes could be a great fit. To learn more about our Florida master-planned community, and our 55-plus comunity, download our eBook below! New Call-to-action