Why master-planned communities are so much more than “cookie cutter” houses

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Master-planned communities and home builders are often labeled as being “cookie cutter” or unoriginal. In reality, Harmony and other master-planned communities out there are anything but! There’s so much more that goes into a home than just picking a floor plan, and so much planning and involvement with the community members to create an environment where everyone feels at home.  Here are a few reasons why Harmony is so much more than “cookie cutter”.

Harmony’s for everyone.

Harmony’s community plan welcomes all, whether you are single, married, raising a family or looking for your little slice of paradise. Our neighborhoods include townhomes and single family homes in a variety of sizes, styles and prices. We have seven amazing builders who make Harmony exteriors and interiors beautiful. Unlike a majority of master-planned communities, all of the homes in Harmony are built with eco-friendly construction standards.

Living a green lifestyle.

These eco-friendly standards came from the idea that people and nature can coexist. Residents have many opportunities to learn about and explore their environment. For example, with lakes and trails (over 12.5 miles of walking trails!) nearby,  wildlife is never too far away. Harmony realizes that the connection between humans and nature is an important one, which is why we take part in preserving some of Florida’s rich natural heritage and conserving natural resources for future generations. The phrase “leave it better than you found it” comes to mind.

An entirely unique community.

What makes Harmony really unique, though, are the individuals who live here. Harmony’s diversity is what makes it such an amazing place to call home. We encourage our residents to make time for their passions. Whether you’re involved in one of our many resident-run committees, or teeing off with a few neighbor friends, there’s an activity for every lifestyle. The residents of Harmony will be the first to tell you what a special community we have here. (Meet some of our residents on Facebook – look for our "Humans of Harmony" posts!)

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