Why young moms will love living in Harmony, Florida

  As we’ve explored in the past, Harmony is a neighborhood that is perfect for residents of all ages. Whether you’re ready for retirement or looking for the perfect place to raise a family, Harmony is accommodating for everyone. Young parents, especially moms, will enjoy the amenities, community, and schools in Harmony. We're exploring a few other reasons why young moms will love living in Harmony below. There’s no need to leave your community Between community soccer, flag football, book clubs, and gardening clubs, there’s no shortage of activities to keep your kids busy in Harmony. Harmony Community School also has great opportunities for parents to sign their kids up for clubs that teach children new skills, like chorus, band, and art, without ever having to leave the community!  One of the most popular ways to get around town is by foot or bike. The beauty of Harmony is that you can travel virtually anywhere in our town on your own two feet. This is great for some of the older children in Harmony. It gives them a sense of independence, and you can feel safe that your child will be able to walk on the sidewalks that linking them to Town Square, the boardwalk at Buck Lake, and Harmony’s parks, two dog runs (one with a puppy shower station!), and recreation area. Less screen time and more nature It’s easy to rely on the old TV babysitter when you run out of activities to do with your children. When you’re living in Harmony, though, there are plenty of opportunities to keep your kids entertained without having to give in to more screen time. From our parks to our nature trails, there’s enough space for you and your kids to explore without ever getting bored. Harmony’s Conservation Cafe is perhaps the best place to see all of Harmony's natural wonders. The organization hosts everything from hikes to golf cart expeditions to hands-on encounters with baby alligators. Education right in your backyard Both of our schools are A-rated and within walking distance of all homes in Harmony, making it easy for kids to walk or ride bikes to school. This is not only a fun alternative for kids who may have been used to riding the bus or in a car to school in years past, but a healthy one, too. Commute time is a big factor to think about, but one that may often be forgotten. If your kids have to ride a bus to school, they will have to wake up earlier and spend extra time traveling to and from school due to the stops along the way. Neighborhood schools provide a sense of community to their students and parents. If you’re looking for a master-planned community in Orlando, take a virtual tour of Harmony and see why our residents love living the Harmony lifestyle. New Call-to-action